Khachanov: 'I don't want to say I want to end the season as world No. 1'

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Khachanov: 'I don't want to say I want to end the season as world No. 1'

Karen Khachanov didn't have a good start to the season losing early at the Australian Open but he feels ready to have a good February month starting from the Sofia Open. In an interview to Match TV, Khachanov said: 'I need to continue in the same direction.

The most important thing is to constantly play in the major tournaments. I am improving, both as a player and person. If I work, results will come. I do not like to say "I want to the end the year in the too 5, as world No.

1" The closest goals are to play constantly in the bigger tournaments." Khachanov also revealed a funny thing: "I am a bit superstitious, just a little. In the locker room, I pick a locker with my favourite number.

And if it was already booked, I choose my second favourite number." Khachanov finally commented on his approach to the matches: "The main thing in the preparation of the match is to have a good breakfast. And if the match is in the evening the main thing to do is a good breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner.

I have not rituals in the preparation. But if you play at night, you have to do something the whole day, but not getting exhausted. I spend a little bit of time in my room. I read, watch... Then I head into the court and I warm up myself."

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