Petra Kvitova: World No. 1 ranking goal is still in my head

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Petra Kvitova: World No. 1 ranking goal is still in my head

Petra Kvitova had no time to rest after the Australian Open as she first spoke to Czech reporters in Prague on Monday and then landed in St. Petersburg to play the WTA Ladies Trophy in the city After her quarter-final loss to Donna Vekic, Kvitova said: 'To be honest, I felt very tired: the time zone, climate.

I tried to play well, I started well the first set but then I felt tired again. Then my opponent started playing great and I was moving very slowly on the court. I also made too many easy errors and ended up on a bad note.'

The world no. 2 also spoke about her chances to become the no. 1 for the first time, which she could have done by defeating Naomi Osaka in the final in Melbourne. "I am not the person that gives a big importance to the rankings.

I think I need to improve my game. Of course, the goal of being the world No. 1 tennis player is still in my head. If I play well, if I show good results, the result will come alone. I only need to keep improving my game and over the time, I think, I will be able to reach the first position.'

Kvitova also spoke about her different game style: 'I didn't change my style in a specific way. I improved my fitness level and after that I understood that I can now give myself a longer time in rallies and I do not need to try to win the rally within one or two shots anymore.

If my fitness condition improves, I can play longer rallies.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title