Arnaud Clement recalls when he was approached to fix a tennis match

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Arnaud Clement recalls when he was approached to fix a tennis match

In an interview to L'Equipe, the former French tennis player Arnaud Clement revealed he got once approached to fix a tennis match at the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. "I was shocked", confessed Clement. "In this enormous indoor Olympic stadium, there were a lot of people and I saw a person who offered me $50,000 for my night match.

He told me: "You will have money before playing" I had never seen it before and I never saw something like this after." He added: "I said I was not interested and I won my match (laughter). After that, I didn't come back to that tournament anymore."

Clement concluded: "On the main tour, we have better lives and we are less attempted to do it. I will criticize all the players, regardless of their level of earnings, if they cheat. But sometimes they get offered amounts of earnings that can allow them to play tournaments for one or two months, just by losing a set or a match.

We have to fight with players and especially people who make these offers. There is even an entire ATP department that has been fighting against it for years. It's as important as the doping, it could even be bigger. You have to do everything in order not to have a fixed match", concluded the former world No.

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