Stephen Koon: Yuki Bhambri hasn’t come close to peaking yet.

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Stephen Koon: Yuki Bhambri hasn’t come close to peaking yet.

Yuki Bhambri has been India’s most promising tennis prospect in singles but his career has been marred by injuries, the latest one being to the knee. His coach Stephen Koon spoke about his student, saying the best is yet to come from the young gun.

Speaking about his first impression of Yuki, Koon said, “For Yuki, it was his ball control, ability to read the game and effortless style. He looked quite thin…came across as a very quiet and humble boy despite being No.1 in Juniors”.

When asked about his concerns for Yuki and his injury woes, Koon said, "Bhambri didn’t have good enough physical strength and conditioning when he was young. So when he turned professional, he had to play catch up.

If you closely at his career, he has not had the same injury twice”. With each injury, he learns and puts in the hard yards to ensure it doesn’t relapse. Nobody knows the kind of effort he puts in at the gym every day and how hard he works after each set back”.

“Mark my words, he hasn’t come close to peaking yet!” Speaking about changes he got into Yuki’s game, he said, “Last year we added power to his groundstrokes, variety on his second serve and improved his defence”.

He further added that Yuki is open to changes, “He’s never resistant to fresh ideas. The best part of last year was Yuki’s realisation that despite his injuries and the serve everyone in India complains about, he can really compete and beat the top guys”.

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