Prajnesh Gunnasweran: I knew I was playing my tennis in last year

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Prajnesh Gunnasweran: I knew I was playing my tennis in last year

India’s No.1 tennis player Prajnesh Gunnasweran is eager to break into the Top-100 of the ATP Rankings for the very first time when he gets set for the ATP Chennai Open Challenger. Making his Grand Slam debut at the Australian Open, Prajnesh had an outing to forget in the Davis Cup. “Coming into the season in October / November, I knew I was playing my best tennis.

Overall it was a great experience playing the main draw at the Slams and I was knocking on the door a few times,” said Prajnesh. Speaking about his goals for this season, the Indian added, “It is one of the goals for the year to be in the top 100 but I know I have enough time to get there”.

“The next four months I’m not defending many points, so I should get there eventually as long as I don’t lose in the first round of every tournament I play. But it will be nice to get that mark playing at home,” he added.

Speaking about how more Challengers would help Indian tennis, he said, “That’s one way to do it (more Challengers in India). But looking at the rankings now, how many Indians are going to get into the Challengers? Everything will help in small amounts be it 10 more Futures and Challengers”.

“But I would have rather have better training methods and a higher level of coaches. It’s sort of a system from the ground up”. “It’s not necessarily about the facilities but we need to have coaches who know how to produce good players who can set a benchmark and over a period of time everybody gets better”.

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