Next Gen players are not humble, says Fabio Fognini

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Next Gen players are not humble, says Fabio Fognini

In an interview to La Nacion, the Italian player Fabio Fognini once again criticized the Next Generation. At last year's French Open the world No. 14 said that the younger players should play on secondary courts and not on the big stadiums, at least now, and ahead of the Cordoba Open he reteirated the concept. "I see the current generation in a different way than mine and the previous one, because now everyone feels above.

Sometimes they do not say hi, they believe they are stars. I was pretty crazy as a teenager, but as the time went on I got used to the rules. Younger tennis players are not humble", said Fognini. "Tennis-wise they play very well.

Zverev is there. Khachanov is going to the top. As well as Medvedev. Tsitsipas is very good." Corrado Barazzutti said Fognini should be a top ten player. The Arma di Taggia native is calm about it: "Everyone was pretty hard with me in this way.

I get along very well with Corrado. I have a lot of confidence on him as a coach, we spend a lot of time together in the Davis. He was a world No. 7, a player who fought until the last ball." On the new Davis Cup format, Fognini concluded: "Someone expect good things and someone don't.

It's different. The history changed because the Davis Cup was at five sets, it was nice to be there for three days, with the crowd, on the decisive point for 3-2 but they chose it and let's wait.' ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert