Benoit Paire: People are waiting for me to play badly

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Benoit Paire: People are waiting for me to play badly

Benoit Paire is satisfied with how his mindset has been so far. Speaking to L'Equipe, Paire said he feels that he is improving. "It has been a while that I have a good attitude," the 29-year-old said. "I know people are waiting for me to play badly (he joked), but in the last year, my attitude has been really better.

There were some setbacks, but I am really playing some strong matches mentally. I stay focused on the match and I do not get carried away. But the attitude, I do not even speak of it because it has been a while that goes well and we have to continue on this path.

And it doesn't take a big effort to stay calm and focused." Paire also feels he is making progress in his game, too. "I am hitting well the ball, the attitude was better. But it did not pay off in terms of results even if I think my tennis is better than when I was 18 years old.

What's difficult is when you are unseeded. I do not complain, but I wasn't very lucky in the Grand Slam draws. I rarely lose to guys beyond the 30th. And if I am in the top 30 I am seeded and I can hope in two easier matches.

But I hope to have a good season, I am happy. I will have to play better in the smaller tournaments." Paire also commented on his 6-2, 6-0 loss to Tomas Berdych in Montpellier, a match which he visibly tanked: "It's just a tournament, we play 20-25 a year.

I just want to start the next tournament. I will not stop, Rotterdam, Marseille, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Marrakech, Monte Carlo. I will try to deliver a good performance because I played good matches. I have been on the Tour for 12 years so if I start being bothered by the crowd booing... I am happy, I am not angry, I didn't say a word on the court."