It's just business: Andre Agassi on ATP-WTA equal prize money issue

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It's just business: Andre Agassi on ATP-WTA equal prize money issue

In an interview to Elle, Andre Agassi gave an interesting opinion about the equal prize money issue in ATP and WTA Tournaments. The eight-time Grand Slam winner said that the decision to give equal pay to men and women depends on the interest the two draws generate. "I have the ultimate respect for women's tennis.

But prize money is not about human rights. It's an economic decision that is taken by the people in charge. The fee of a tournament is not like a right of vote, it's just business," said Agassi. He is the father of a son and of a daughter.

About his role, he added: "Your job, as a parent, is that your children do not need you anymore, like a good worker who aims to be fair. You have to inspire them so that they seek their own dreams and keep respecting you.'

His ultimate success? "Being the number one, touching the rock bottom and rising again. And fighting the way you did not expect to; that's what brings you beyond." Asked what changed for him since having success in tennis, Agassi added: "People treat you in a different way because they do not know you, but at the end of the day we are all the same.

But it was useful in some ways: if I ask a question, people answer in a much faster way. By far." On Roger Federer, Agassi said: "He has accomplished so many wonderful things in behalf of our sport and himself that he deserves to go on his own terms, in a certain place, in a certain time, when he feels he cannot win."