Going to Haiti was a humbling experience for me, says Naomi Osaka

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Going to Haiti was a humbling experience for me, says Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka has Haiti origins and she visited the country a few months ago. The Japanese player felt privileged to have such a great chance. "I felt very lucky to be able to go, because it kind of fit perfectly during my off-season schedule.

I wasn't really sure if I had time", said Osaka. "For me, it's a very humbling experience to go back, because you see so many people that they don't have much, and then you go back to your house and everything that you take for granted you start appreciating it more.

For me, I feel like, because I went to Haiti the first time two years ago, like, last year. And then I started playing well, I think, because I started appreciating everything and I didn't want to complain about anything.

Because when you go there and you see people, like, literally, they have to walk miles for water and it's just like, Why are you complaining about your life? Yeah, for me, I felt very grateful to go there, because I go to Japan a lot, but I haven't really gone to Haiti as much."

Osaka watches some of her interviews. Asked to think of an interview going back to when she was young that she liked, that she can recall, the Japanese replied: "Well, the interview, my friend -- not friends, my friend still talks about it.

Sometimes I wish I could give normal interviews, like very curt and professional. You're shaking your head, but I'm serious. I don't know. I like how everyone else does interviews. They don't waver. They just tell, like, very straight responses."