Simona Halep on player-coach splits: I cannot talk about Naomi Osaka

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Simona Halep on player-coach splits: I cannot talk about Naomi Osaka

The split between Simona Halep and Darren Cahill late last year and the one between Naomi Osaka and Sascha Bajin took everyone by surprise. Halep is now working with Thierry Van Cleemput who recently split with David Goffin.

Asked about Osaka splitting with Bajin after winning two Grand Slam titles in the last few months, Halep said: "I cannot talk about her because I have no idea what happened. I have a feeling that was different, because Darren split because of the family.

He wanted to stay home with the kids, so it's a different reason. I'm still friends with Darren, and we have a good connection with friendship. Any time during your career I think you need a coach, so that's why I got one.

It's impossible at this level to go alone to the tournaments and to play tennis. You need support, you need people around, so I am for the coach thing." Halep also commented on her Fed Cup win for Romania over Czech Republic last weekend: "I still feel the emotions, and it's been great.

And it's been for first time going to the semifinals in Fed Cup, so it means a lot. But I have to reset, and tomorrow, for sure, I will be ready to start the tournament." Asked if she looked for something in particular in a coach, Halep replied: "It is tough to say that it's only one thing.

I think many things you have to do in a good way to be able to be in the top. I have more experience. I'm more mature now. I see the things different. So I think all together help me to be a better person and a better player every time I step on the court."