Elina Svitolina: Me and Gael Monfils are trying to find ways to give back

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Elina Svitolina: Me and Gael Monfils are trying to find ways to give back

In a press conference at the Qatar Open in Doha, Elina Svitolina commented on her decision to donate $100 ace per every ace she and her new boyfriend Gael Monfils hit in the following two tournaments. "Luckily I hit seven today.

He hit probably more than me, 12 or something. You know, I'm trying to work on my serve. Yeah, it's something that we have been thinking about. I think it's very important to give back to the people, to the kids, because, you know, they are enjoying watching us, supporting us, giving us lots of, you know, support and love.

So we are trying to find the ways to give something back, and I think it's very important, so we are doing it together and I think together, by doing it together, makes it even better," said Svitolina. On her win over Karolina Muchova, the Ukrainian added: "I think I was striking the ball really good and serving much better than I did in the previous matches against her.

So I think this was the key today. The tricky conditions, the ball is flying and the wind is very tricky, so I had to be extremely quick with my feet. In the end, I was very pleased that I could finish in two sets." I take one match at a time.

I take one day at a time. For me, that's always been doing this all my life. It's tough to look further than your next round. I don't see the point of doing it, because every opponent can produce a really good game, and you have to be good, you have to be ready physically and mentally to fight.

So, you know, my next round is going to be another player who can play well who deserve as much as me to be there. Yeah, I'm just going to go out there and try my best." Svitolina lost to Simona Halep in the semi-finals in Doha.