Naomi Osaka opens up on her split with coach Sascha Bajin

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Naomi Osaka opens up on her split with coach Sascha Bajin

In her pre-tournament press conference in Dubai, Naomi Osaka was asked about the reasons why she split with her coach Sascha Bajin after winning two Majors in a row The Japanese player did not really want to reveal exactly why but she wanted to clarify one thing.

A few days ago, the 18-time Major winner Chris Evert, who is close to Osaka as the 21-year-old trains at her Academy in Florida, said that money could have been the reason. But Osaka denied it. "The main thing I know, everyone thinks it was a money-related issue, but it wasn't.

For me, that's one of the most hurtful things I've ever heard", she said. "I travel with everyone on my team, I see them more than my family. I would never, like, do that to them. Yeah, I think my reason is I wouldn't put success over my happiness.

Like, I think everyone knows, in Charleston and stuff, I've had moments. I don't know, that's my main thing. I'm not going to say anything bad about him because, of course, I'm really grateful for all the things that he's done.

Yeah, I wouldn't just come here and say anything bad. I feel like, if anything, you would have to be around him to see or ask him." Asked when she took the decision, Osaka replied: "It was kind of brewing in Australia.

I think some people could see that if they saw how we interacted. I would not want to split on really bad terms, I think, because of course he was sort of the one that, like, made me open up more to people. I didn't want it to be really, like, hard stopping."