Benoit Paire: Sometimes I lose my control on court

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Benoit Paire: Sometimes I lose my control on court
Benoit Paire: Sometimes I lose my control on court

In an interview with the Society Magazine, Benoit Paire commented on his character. The French player is known as a bad boy sometimes on the tennis court and he has no problems admitting it. "In tennis, you go through all the stages, it's a rollercoaster, but it's something I love, also when I get crazy," said Paire. "Having said that, I think that now I am calmer than before, I am progressing.

Before I was crazy, I did not accept making an error, it looked like that people would go over me if I missed an easy volley. The people's opinion was something very relevant for me, now not so much. Now everything is tougher to explain, despite there are still days where I wake up and something may bother me." Then he recalled a controversy he was involved in: "Last year in Washington I had a bad experience.

After losing the match they fined me $17,000. In the third set I fell during a point and over two seconds I destroyed my racket. Then I got to the bench and I broke a second and third racket. I lost control. The last game I did not even fight, I just wanted to left from there, but I ended up breaking a fourth racket.

I was collapsed, and as soon as I left the court I realized what I had done. I was sad, the problem is that at the moment I could not control myself. I am able to break everything, to hurt someone. Nos it happens less, but I have setbacks.

"I tried everything. Hypnosis and acupuncture but they (have not helped). The problem is inside myself. The hypnotist, for example, told me that I was doing perfectly, that I had nothing. The funniest thing is that I never get angry off the court, and I do not hurt anyone either.

I never had a fight, not even as a kid, it only happens to me when I am a tennis player. It's the only aspect where I have less talent and as soon as things go bad I do not understand it."

Benoit Paire

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