Dominic Thiem: 'You cannot be shy when you are on a tennis court'

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Dominic Thiem: 'You cannot be shy when you are on a tennis court'

Dominic Thiem believes that you need to be fire and not ice when playing on a tennis court. For the Austrian, having a fighting spirit is the key. "One of the most important steps of my personal and professional development was when I understood that being cool, calm and sometimes shy on the court would have not given me chance to become a successful tennis player", said Thiem in an interview to the Rio Open.

"Creativity allows you to find new ways to win points and helps us going through complicated situations. It may not look very romantic, but it's a professional sport. I di not think I am very creative in other parts of life.

I love art, music, books, but I am more an athlete. " Thiem also commented on his partnership with Rolex: "The brand represents a unique tradition of our sport like no other. Working with them seems a congratulation for a young player."

Thiem concluded: "Being one of the best tennis players in the world means a lot to me because I dreamed it every day as a kid. But my parents taught me that being better than others in the sports does not change my role in society, my responsibilities, obliges and rights as a human being."

Analyzing his loss to Diego Schwartzman in the Buenos Aires semifinals, Thiem concluded: "Of course, I’m disappointed with the defeat, but I haven’t played for a while and haven‘t been healthy. This is my first tournament since I’m well again, so I’m happy with the result.

"I’m not yet 100% happy with my fitness, I still lack some matches and stamina especially for such long matches, but the game itself is good. But in general, I'm on the right track and after the doubles, I'll prepare well for Rio and I think I have a good chance there."