Victoria Azarenka: With my son Leo, every day is the best

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Victoria Azarenka: With my son Leo, every day is the best

Victoria Azarenka feels overwhelmed and emotional when she speaks about motherhood. The Belarusian player gave birth to her son Leo in December 2016 and despite all the struggles, she is happy about being a mother. Asked by Belarus Feed, what has been her best day as a mother, the two-time Australian Open champion replied: "It is absolutely impossible to single out one day.

With Leo, every day is the best. Leo is a very polite, gentle, and nice child. He loves his mother very much. When I talk to him on FaceTime, he says ‘mommy’ so sweet. When I hear him speaking to me this way, I can’t but smile."

Azarenka has not been competing at the highest level for a couple of years, also because she did not play for many months but her wish is to be back on the biggest stage: "I wish the fans to support me in any situation.

It’s easy to root for someone who wins and when some kind of trouble or defeat occurs… I’m not trying to return to the former level. That would be my biggest mistake. I’m trying to reach a new level. I am not 22 now, I have a different understanding of the world."

Azarenka has been involved in a custody battle with her son's father since July 2017 but she does not want her and her son's lives to be affected by it: "It is not easy. But you need to move forward. Looking back and giving up is the easiest way.

I never give up. This is one of my strengths as a player and as a person. I will fight on. I will do everything possible until it becomes uninteresting to me."