Best of four-games' set rule should not be introduced, says Marin Cilic

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Best of four-games' set rule should not be introduced, says Marin Cilic

Marin Cilic doesn't think that sets played at best-of-four-games would be appropriate on the professional tour. The rule has been in use at the NextGen ATP Finals in Milan for the last two years, but a very few players like it.

Speaking in a press conference at the Dubai Open, Cilic said: "I don't think it would be great just looking at the parts it would take out, the situations of dropping serve and just getting the break back, shortening the sets.

I think it would just create many more tiebreaks to play. It would definitely involve a little bit more part of luck in those matches. I think this format up to six, what we have, is good." The 30-year-old, however, likes the shot clock: "I think it's good because we had these conversations for several years.

It was tough to put something that is very consistent. Now all the players know the rules. Also the chair umpire can follow it easier. The rules are set. I think they are quite fair. I think it also makes a little bit more extra fun for the fans.

In general terms, they were talking that it didn't shorten the matches too much, maybe in some areas got a little bit longer because the players see the clock, so they are looking not to go too fast. I think generally it's good."

Cilic finally commented on how his last months have been: "It was a little bit unfortunate for me to have a little bit of an injury at the beginning of the season now for Australian Open. I missed Rotterdam, which was on my schedule.

But generally, I'll try to play, try to maybe reduce couple tournaments in this year. Great part for me is I'm not having Davis Cup this year until the end of the year, so that gives me another three, four weeks in the year that I can rest and continue to work.

Definitely, a big motivation is going to play the best at the big tournaments. Grand Slams are always even extra motivation. Looking forward to continuing to play that on a great level, just to even get better in 2019 compared to 2018, which was one of my best years looking into the consistency of results.

I played three times quarters at the Grand Slams, five times also quarters or better in the Masters 1000s tournaments. Hopefully, I can continue that consistent form." Cilic aims to win up to two Major titles in the upcoming years.