Kvitova: 'Hand injury made me appreciate tennis more'

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Kvitova: 'Hand injury made me appreciate tennis more'

In an interview the world No. 3 Petra Kvitova commented on how her perspective towards tennis changed since when she suffered her hand injury at home in Prague. "I appreciate it more and I may be enjoying myself more", said Kvitova.

"I always liked it but now I know what it means to be without it. I take it as a re-birth for being able to be back and do what I like. It was a big motivation to handle both my hand and normal life." Asked on which shots she found most difficulties, Kvitova replied: "There are a lot, anyway the backhand was the easiest, you use two hands.

The biggest problem was the forehand. You need to have the ultimate strength on your hands." "Luckily we started slowly. We started with softballs, without hard balls. I am happy not to have had problems in this direction, and everything went on the right way."

"Tennis is a beautiful game. It's a sport you can play from being a kid to being an adult. You can play doubles, singles. I like my game a lot. It's a mental and physical game at the same time. You need to give yourself a shot.

It's a little bit like chess. Over the years you learn something about the shots and situations, so some predictions are easier."