Naomi Osaka didn't split with coach Bajin for money - Jim Courier

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Naomi Osaka didn't split with coach Bajin for money - Jim Courier

Speaking on Tennis Channel the former world No. 1 Jim Courier commented on the split between the world No. 1 Naomi Osaka and her coach Sascha Bajin. Chris Evert had revealed that their paths may have been divided due to financial reasons, which was clearly denied by Osaka herself.

Courier said: "It was strange to read the transcript after the finals when she was asked what did Sascha tell you before the match", said Courier. "She said, oh well frankly we have not been saying much, he maybe gave me one thing.

There was something going on there, there was a lot of discussion amongst the pundit class about it, maybe it was a financial issue but she certainly batted that away when she was asked about it in her first tournament back.

So just seemed like the relationship fractured at some point to when we were at the US Open last year, doing TC live and we had the cameras on and in the US Open warm-up room Sascha was dancing and we had so much fun with it, they were having so much fun with it, and it's just sad that they lost that love and feeling."

Fellow pundit Jon Wertheim added: "He was the WTA coach of the year and then subsequent to that you win back to back majors. That was a shock move but it's a personal relationship, it's not all these analogies to sports and Building and if the chemistry is not there, the player has no obligation to the coach.

The players obligated to their best talent and if Osaka thought that there was a better relationship good on her for making that move."