Gael Monfils drops huge praise on Stefanos Tsitsipas

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Gael Monfils drops huge praise on Stefanos Tsitsipas

Gael Monfils felt exhausted after his three-set loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Dubai Open. The Frenchman lost in the third set tie-break and in the press conference he said: "Well, there's a winner and a loser. I'm the loser today.

He's the winner. That's a big difference. In term of the game, I guess I had some opportunities. I couldn't make them great today. I think I was up a break, and I didn't serve that good starting the second set. It was big confirmation when he broke me back.

Less first serve, less accuracy. Then I think I got those opportunities in the third set. I think the forehand that I missed at the breakpoint, I could have to make it. I have to make it. I have to be able to make it. I have to pick a better target.

I think I should go outside in. Definitely easier after. Apparently, I think the ball also was out. It was tough for me to call it. Maybe to have more guts to call for the challenge." How difficult is he to play? "He's a great player.

He just broke the top 10. He's one of the best players in the tour." Is this a match where perhaps you felt like you were the better player throughout but somehow you lost it? "I don't know if I was better or not.

Just going to keep, like, the positive side. Some negative side is a few points, a few choices. I need to be better, that's it. I need to be better to win those big matches. That's what I'm doing so far."