I learned a lot from David Ferrer, says Kei Nishikori

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I learned a lot from David Ferrer, says Kei Nishikori

In a press conference at the Dubai Open Kei Nishikori commented on his game in general, mentioning some of the best players that competed over the last decade. "I think for me is more power than skill, and speed also", said Nishikori.

"That's something that I don't have, the power. I got to use my touch, slice, spin, angles, use different shots. But I feel like there is more power player these days, more tall guys in top 10. Not easy, but actually I learned from David a lot, Ferrer.

We played so many times. He was the one using his physical and speed, his toughness. I mean also Andy, too, but he's a little bit taller. I learned many things from different players." Asked how far he is from his best, Nishikori replied: "Now? I don't know.

I want to say 100%. I mean, there is up and down each match, but I think I'm more consistent now. From the end of the year last year, I think I've been playing good tennis every match. That's something I had to work on.

I think it's going to be very important that I can able to play 80%, 90% every match. That's going to be my goal this year." Nishikori enjoyed his off-court experience in Dubai: "I went to the Flying Cup.

It was really fun. Able to see the beautiful beach. I want to go to the tourist tower. I forgot the name. That's what I want to visit. Never been that high before. I wish I can have some time. I don't think I will, but I hope I can enjoy this week.

This is a beautiful city. I mean, not too many times I able to go that high. Well, there is one in Tokyo, but I never been there, too. Yeah, I wish I can go maybe after the tournament."