Alexander Zverev comments on how it feels to travel with entire family

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Alexander Zverev comments on how it feels to travel with entire family

In an interview to the ATP Youtube Channel, world No. 3 Alexander Zverev commented on how it feels like to travel with your entire family on the tour. The German player is coached by his father Alexander Sr. "Most of the time with everyone basically", said Zverev, who hired the eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl as additional coach last year.

"With my dad or coach, my brother is still player, my mom, little puppy, Mischa's wife and obviously his child, hopefully he is gonna come a lot to the Tour as well. Basically my whole family is always together, we always travel together, going to fun activities that there are in different places.

It is obviously great to have your family around, you never really get homesick, you never really have the urgency to go home like other players may do but it's obviously great to have the close ones. My dad is a coach so that gives it away a little bit but everybody has their roles.

I always see my brother still playing, my mom is very important with the nutrition stuff, my dog always keeps me in a good mood so that's very nice of him. He is the easiest travel dog, you get him on a plane and he just sleeps.

He doesn't bark, he doesn't walk around. He doesn't do anything. As long as he is around everybody. When he is around me and my mother, he can sit there quietly for as much time as he wants. So everybody has their own role."