Boris Becker explains why he keeps working in tennis

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Boris Becker explains why he keeps working in tennis

Boris Becker has a lot of roles in the tennis, as the head of men's German tennis, commentator. Speaking to Tennis Magazin, the six-time Major winner said: "Tennis was, is and will always be my passion. I think that tennis is unique compared to other big sports because it's man to man and it's not played against the time.

In boxing, you have 12 or 15 rounds for three minutes each. In tennis, it can happen that you play six, seven hours against each other. This is what makes it so unique, interesting and simple." "I am involved in the German tennis and I am in it", added Becker.

"I am involved in many conversations. I think everyone will play the Davis Cup but that was not always the case. I remember, during my first week in Portugal, that the top four, five withdrew. Also on the German Tennis Federation structure, a lot changed in better.

New coaches were hired, we have more money from endorsements than years ago. That's good for the younger players and their bodies. There is a lot of buzz now. But you cannot say that Rudi Molleker wins Wimbledon tomorrow."

On Wimbledon introducing a fifth set tie-break on 12-all, Becker concluded: "I think the rules' change is very good. You can still play five sets, which can require five hours. At some stage, it's nice as well.

But with the old format, fans and players were losing the desire because the player who comes through, would have no chances to win as it happened in 2018 with Kevin Anderson."