Alexander Zverev and Ivan Lendl will not work together for too long -Becker

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Alexander Zverev and Ivan Lendl will not work together for too long -Becker

In an interview to Tennis Magazin, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on Alexander Zverev's situation. The world No. 3 didn't have a good season so far and he eyes improvement in the next few weeks. Becker thinks that the last year's London ATP Finals success can give him a boost: "Sascha made a breakthrough in the world class with his win.

The way he played against Roger Federer in the semifinals and Novak Djokovic in the final was at a world level. Sascha's wins mean that in 2019 the younger players will get even closer to the big players. The question is when: when will it happen a success like the London one in the Grand Slams?" Are Zverev and Ivan Lendl a dream duo? "I think the co-operation is very good.

I already said it at the US Open. But you have to give them time. Lendl is a master in his job. The player makes a difference and he will take time to evaluate. Anything but a long-term success would surprise me. Sascha is world No.

3 and the margin is getting less bigger, you cannot make big jumps and you have to defend your world rankings position. A lot of players had a good year and then disappeared again. Sascha making a breakthrough in 2017 and then ending 2018 with a great win, that's great."

Will Zverev be No. 1? "The development is very good. Defending is always as double difficult than starting. But now he is confident in himself and he knows he is one of the best players in the world. He did not know it after the first year.

That makes it easier for a Lendl", concluded Becker, who is set to be at the Miami Open, Monte Carlo Masters, Munich in the next weeks.