Seeing Federer and Nadal from top rafters in Indian Wells was great - Giron

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Seeing Federer and Nadal from top rafters in Indian Wells was great - Giron

Marcos Giron was excited with the week he had in Indian Wells. The American player came through the qualifiers and lost to Milos Raonic in the third round. "That was amazing," admitted Giron. "It was one of those that I – because I was upset.

I was up a break in the third. And so being competitive, I would have loved to have won. But then I also realize this is not something that I've experienced really. And so I just on the way out I just wanted to make sure that I really got to see and take it in before I left.

And it was really cool to be able to see that. Being on the second biggest stadium in the world here in Southern California in Indian Wells, it was amazing. I remember eight, nine years ago sitting in the top rafters seeing Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer play.

So being out on center court and looking from the other side was really cool." On how he sees his future in professional tennis, Giron added: "I would like to sneak into more ATP events, but I think I'm still going to have to play challengers to get the ranking up.

It secures me into the Grand Slam quallies. That's nice. That's one of my big goals for the year was to make French Open quallies and go play Wimbledon quallies, something I haven't done in the past. I played juniors there.

So that was one of my goals and another one was to hopefully be top 125 in the world by the end of the year. So it puts me closer, but I still need to go back and go back to the basics. I will try to play more ATP events when it's available, but with the ranking at 170 it doesn't get me necessarily into all of them."