Andre Agassi: 'Wife Steffi Graf is a solid rock in my family'

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Andre Agassi: 'Wife Steffi Graf is a solid rock in my family'

In an interview to Repubblica, the eight-time Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi commented on his wedding with Steffi Graf. The American learns from his wife on a daily basis. "She is like my mother. She is the solid rock in my family, a certainty, and she is predictable.

As well as Steffi, who is also active, precise, so well organized... Very different from me", said Agassi. On his previous love stories, Agassi added: "My love education started around the 17 years of age. I was dating a girl from Memphis, Tennessee, for a couple of years."

Then there was Mandy, his first big love: "We are still in a good relationship. We often see each other, I play tennis with her husband and her son plays baseball with mine." On his daughter Jaz Elle, he added: "I try to make her feel appreciated and give her confidence and safety.

Girls need it, more than boys. And we have the same sense of humour for the same things. Sometimes even for that hip-hop music that Jaden constantly listens... I cannot understand how he can do it." "They can choose, I could not", Agassi said of his children referring to his father obliging him to play tennis.

"But you know what? I was the only education person of myself, since when I turned 13 years old." Will he write another book? "It took 31 years to write Open. I will have to wait for other 20 to have enough life to tell.'

Agassi finally confessed: "I still hate tennis. And now as a coach, I do not have to love it. My job is to make a player improve his performances, get into his head, understand who I have in front of him. And learning from him."