Being Dominic Thiem's brother has pros and cons, says Moritz

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Being Dominic Thiem's brother has pros and cons, says Moritz

In an interview to Tennisnet, Moritz Thiem commented on how he deals with being asked a lot of questions about his brother Dominic. Moritz, who is a professional tennis player too, said: "It has pros and cons. From one side it obviously makes me unbelievably proud to have a brother who has such a success on the tour, but then, obviously, he gets associated to me too much.

I like speaking of him and tell everyone how he is, what he does and how he plays. I do not want to be compared to him. I would like to do something by my own." On his own gamestyle, Moritz added: "You can see my backhand straight forward (laughter).

I always played better with one hand and I changed consequently. I probably unintentionally copied my brother, which is not bad because I can just learn from one of the best guys." Moritz also said he doesn't watch Dominic's matches live when they are in the middle of the night: "I cannot stay awake.

I always watch highlights the following day and we obviously exchange text messages on a regular basis." On his schedule, Moritz concluded: "I will play some ITF tournaments in my country this year, but I also like to play abroad.

However, having a bigger amount of tournaments in Austria too would be an advantage. After all, a lot of Austrians can play well but then they cannot deal with the expenses. The sport is costy and if you do not have the needed resources, things get tougher."