Being strong was the only option for me and sister Serena - Venus Williams

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Being strong was the only option for me and sister Serena - Venus Williams

In press conference at the Miami Open, Venus Williams commented on how her mother Oracene and father Richard influenced her and sister Serena's mentality. Venus said something very short but meaningful: "Growing up in my home we weren't allowed to be weak, so it just wasn't an option.

The only option was to be strong. You had a choice of being strong or being strong, so we were strong." On how it feels to compete at the Hard Rock Stadium for the first time, Venus added: "I had a chance to hit on the court before.

I think every court is a little bit different, but it's not a court that you say, Oh, my God, it's difficult to play on. It's just nice and typical. I think everyone has been curious about it, how it looks. And your fans facilities are really nice, and the stadium is quite large.

I think everyone is pretty pleased." Venus does not think tennis is a sacrifice: "I don't think there is really any sacrifices. I think it's really only pluses, especially if you're able to, you know, execute on your dream.

That's really what anyone and everyone want, I think. One of the challenges is that it's really a lifestyle, and there is never any moment where you're not trying to get better or that you forget about tennis. You just feel intense pressure to get better and to work. So the amount of work that goes into it, it's a lot of work."