Boris Becker criticizes younger players for not winning Grand Slams

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Boris Becker criticizes younger players for not winning Grand Slams

According to the former world No. 1 Boris Becker, there is one reason why younger players have not been winning Grand Slam titles lately. In an interview to Socrates Magazine, Becker said: "They only think about the immediate satisfaction.

So this is why you cannot win a Grand Slam. I have sons of this age too. Their ability to get focused is 15 seconds. They do not speak anymore, they tell you some things and you have to understand what they mean. This is the generation we have to deal with.

And some of them play tennis." For Becker, a big exception is his compatriot Alexander Zverev. "I like a lot Sascha, who is on the top five for the third year. Anyone can have a good season, but to confirm his successes and win the ATP Finals - that was his breakthrough.

I think he is on the right path." About tennis getting as popular in Germany as in the 80s and 90s when Becker himself, Steffi Graf and Michael Stich were at the top, the six-time Major winner said: "It was a unique and a bit crazy time.

Tennis was still more popular than football, but I do not think it will happen. There have been highlights featuring Angie Kerber winning at Wimbledon or Zverev in London. I hope Sascha wins the French Open or Wimbledon one day and then we will see the effect.

Tennis is popular enough in Germany. TV rights are pretty costy, that's a good sign. We will see." Becker sees the development of the German tennis in a good way. "I have been taking the responsability on the men's side for a year and a half.

Barbara Rittner is responsible for women. I think that having people who really knows tennis in these roles is the right way. French and Spaniards are similar, I think. We know, we bring passion and we speak the same language. That's important."