Mari Osaka explains why she used to defeat sister Naomi in the past

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Mari Osaka explains why she used to defeat sister Naomi in the past
Mari Osaka explains why she used to defeat sister Naomi in the past

Naomi Osaka revealed she was losing matches against her sister Mari 6-0 when she was 15 years old. In a press conference, Mari explained how it happened. "Sometimes I think she was throwing the matches on purpose just so that we could finish practice quicker.

So the moment she started trying, I was getting pissed off. I was, like, Come on, do you want to get through this? Because we'd spend, like, hours on the court. But, yeah, I mean, it was frustrating, but what are you going to do? Just keep playing.

Plus, it wasn't like she was beating me every single time", said the world No. 336 who got a main draw wild card at the Miami Open. She also praised Naomi's success: "The one word that comes to my mind is, like, "amazing," that she's doing so amazing.

Like, it's almost our dreams coming true that we have been working for our whole life. I'm really proud of her. My own journey is separate, but of course, I come to compare a little bit, so it's frustrating. But, you know, not much I can do about that." On how it feels like to play the same tournament, Mari added: "We spent not that much together.

Just dinners. We'd go out to dinner. Because she's usually busy around here. Our practice was separate. We only practised once together. So I didn't see her that much." Mari concluded: "At the beginning of the year, I was fighting some, like, injury with my shoulder.

So I played two tournaments and then took, like, three- or two-month break. This was the first match back. Yeah, I was super nervous, but I think I played well, despite that. I wasn't going to miss this tournament, you know. It was a good experience."

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