Sascha Bajin coaching another player after splitting with Naomi Osaka

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Sascha Bajin coaching another player after splitting with Naomi Osaka

Sascha Bajin is back on the road. After splitting with Naomi Osaka last month after that the Japanese player won her second consecutive Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, Bajin took some time off and he is now at the Miami Open working with Kristina Mladenovic.

In a brief chat to Sky DE, Bajin said there is no signed deal with Mladenovic. "I am there only as a friend of the family", Bajin clarified. Mladenovic has been coachless for a while and she got some help from mother: "We just sit down at the end of last year and said, Okay, what's the problem? I felt so many matches against quality players, like the baseline, the game in general, I was fine, I was battling, I was good.

So often I was struggling on my serve, having many double-faults, low first-serve percentage. They were attacking my second. So many matches I felt like I lost because of my serve. That was not acceptable for me because I believe it has to become a weapon of mine.

Yeah, it was just this. Even last year I had a few periods where I played well, some periods where I reached the final. Wimbledon, I was a third round, Serena. I realized why I played good because the serve was working well during those tournaments.

I'm like, That's not good enough. Has to work more consistently. That's the reason why I took that decision to work on it and focus on it."