Tony Nadal : ´Rafa´s effort has to be appreciated´

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Tony Nadal : ´Rafa´s effort has to be appreciated´

In a nice interview released by the Spanish newspaper “Expansiòn”, Toni Nadal talked his life as Nadal's coach. The world number three, currently busy recovering from the bad injury that has kept him off court for months, won’t take part in the Davis Cup final in which Spain will face the Czech Republic.

According to the own uncle and coach, Rafa will be back on court only on December 28th in Abu Dhabi, but luckily without running the risk to be operated. No surgery on coming then for the Majorcan, whose absence left with no doubt a big empty space in the last few months in the ATP circuit.

Toni Nadal talked about his training methods and about how it is possible to maintain the right balance between affection and strictness: “Strictness must be accompanied by affection. Rafa trains with great passion, but he knows that his efforts are always appreciated.

It’s not usefull to demand a lot from the others if then one doesn’t ask the same from oneself. His hard work has to be accompanied by mine.” Toni has often expressed concern about the earnings that some tennis players have compared to other ones.

It’s a current topic of conversation on Tour - the redistribution of the money in tournaments, above all regarding Slams “If they pay them so much, certainly it doesn’t reward the big job that also the others do.

But it doesn’t surprise me that who has more talent is payed more than others. It’s proportionated to how much the player contributes to the sport wellness.” About Nadal's injury: “Now we just have to work hard, as one always has to do when in life we meet adversities.

We have to be conscious that it must give the most in these moments. Luckily Rafa has been used since when he was young to be aware of the goals he has to reach.”