Hsieh Su-wei: When you’re seeded in the tournament, it’s always good

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Hsieh Su-wei: When you’re seeded in the tournament, it’s always good

Hsieh Su-wei’s incredible run at the Miami Open ended with a loss to Anett Kontaveit followed by a doubles loss the same day. But that has not demotivated the player from Taiwan. "Sometimes when you’re leading by a lot, you get a little bit relaxed, and you don’t hit the ball as hard as you were before," she said, referring to the match against World No.1 Naomi Osaka.

"I had a little pulled muscle but I didn’t want to call the physio. I was thinking I could keep trying, trying, trying. The pulled muscle was just small stuff, and she did really well to come back after 4-0 because I was playing so good.

She did a good job to get revenge, and next time I need to be careful,” she further added. "Dubai was the first tournament where I made a Premier 5 semifinal, and I picked up the most big points in my life! It was 350 points, I think, so I’m very happy with what I did there.

When I came to the US, I had some points to defend, and I thought, ‘Whatever, if I don’t do good, I still have 350 points!’. " she continued. "It’s incredible when you’re not practicing well, but you get on the court, forget how you did in practice, play a few good matches, and you win them.

That’s quite amazing. I’m happy with how we’re doing and I’m thankful for my team. They’re doing a great job getting me into the matches." She is looking forward to the clay court season now.

"I think the problem was just that I needed to play a few tournaments to feel the clay courts. Then, I can feel better, because sometimes it’s a different rhythm. Sometimes the game is pretty fast and other times, pretty slow.

Two years ago, I was playing a tournament, doing pretty bad, and totally lost the rhythm in the clay. "But suddenly," she snaps her fingers, "you win two or three matches, and you feel it. You never know. I will be positive!" Humbled by the applause, she ended the press conference by saying, "I will try to work hard. Thank you, girls!"