Caroline Garcia: Seeing that Andy Murray's tweet about me was terrible


Caroline Garcia: Seeing that Andy Murray's tweet about me was terrible

In an interview with Tennis Head, Caroline Garcia commented on how it felt to read such a strong tweet by Andy Murray back in 2011 saying that the French player would become the world no. 1 one day. "It was terrible," said Garcia.

"I was only 17. I played a couple of amazing games against Sharapova, but my game and my mind were not ready for such a level. After that, I was struggling to get my tennis all together. I was trying to copy the match I played against Sharapova, but it was not a good way.

I suddenly had the attention of everyone. It wasn’t as if this was a small thing that he had said. It was really too much for me. I just needed some time to work quietly in my corner and do my thing. It was difficult, but it also helped me to learn about some things and maybe it helped me also to manage better the attention I get now”.

How did Garcia manage to make the next step in 2017 by winning in Wuhan and Beijing? "I don’t think there was any one thing that was really different. It was more little things, which made a difference when they were added together.

I learned a lot about different things both on the court and off it. I think I tried to take every experience positively and learn from them. It made me see things a little differently”. Garcia's approach changed over the years: “When I am at a tournament I don’t read [social media] now.

Of course, you have some nice messages, but you also have a bunch of terrible ones. Sometimes it can affect you more than you think. I know that sometimes it can make me lose my focus or get negative”.

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