'My body started to shake' - Simona Halep recalls when she was hospitalised

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'My body started to shake' - Simona Halep recalls when she was hospitalised

In an interview to Tennis Head, Simona Halep recalled when she was hospitalised after her extremely tiring 2018 Australian Open final loss to Caroline Wozniacki. "I had tried to sleep, but my body had started to shake a little bit with cramps and I needed some help.

I was in the hospital for three or four hours”. At the time she did not have a makor trophy on her list yet, but she was still confident: "I was not that negative, to be honest. I felt like that match was the closest I had come to winning a Grand Slam title.

I had played very well. I felt that the match had been decided by just a few balls. But after I recovered I honestly felt confidence that it was going to happen one day. It was a mental and emotional thing. I was tired and I couldn’t focus on what I had to do during the matches.

I practised well before that, but in practice, you don’t feel pressure. You don’t feel any emotions. But when I started the tournament I felt exhausted. As soon as I stepped on the court to play a match I felt tired”.

On how she celebrated her maiden Major at the 2018 French Open, she concluded: “I was incredibly happy but I’d worked really hard for that trophy and I was very tired. I went to a restaurant with about 50 people – friends who had been there for the match, my team, my family.

They all came. We celebrated until 1am and then I went back to the hotel and I slept with the trophy. That was my celebration. I slept for about five or six hours, so not much. The next day I had to pose for pictures with the trophy so I went to the city to buy a dress and get ready”.