Alexander Zverev and I didn't part ways on good terms: Juan Carlos Ferrero

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Alexander Zverev and I didn't part ways on good terms: Juan Carlos Ferrero

In an interview, Juan Carlos Ferrero commented on his co-operation with Alexander Zverev. They started working together in May 2017 and then they split in January 2018. At the time, Ferrero said Zverev was always late for the training sessions.

"It was not a bad experience," admitted the former world no. 1. "I would have changed the way we split with each other because we did not end really well, but then we saw and said hi to each other and everything was perfect.

I was with a very good player, very young, but I returned to the Tour, I was able to see how tennis was, (how) progress (was) made and it was a good experience that is useful for the future." Asked if being a Davis Cup captain is his dream, Ferrero replied: "Now you have Miguel Diaz, the Spanish Tennis Federation president.

It's up in the air, in the future I do not know when, but I (have) always said that it makes me very passionate and now, with the new format, it's something different because it's not an entire one-year work but one-week.

We will see, it's something very new so you have to see how the things will be." On his Academy, Ferrero concluded: "In the summer we always have impressive experience, and many guys decide to experience that again.

We have the chance to give players the values of sacrifice, humility, respect... Many of the values needed to become a great person and a player too." Zverev will play the Monte Carlo Masters next.