Belinda Bencic, like Maria Sharapova, not comfortable to play on clay

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Belinda Bencic, like Maria Sharapova, not comfortable to play on clay

Maria Sharapova once admitted she would feel like a cow on the ice describing her feelings on clay courts. The Russian then evolved and managed to play well on the surface as well as winning the 2012 French Open. Belinda Bencic hopes to emulate the Russian.

Bencic confirmed she is not comfortable to play on clay. "When I will have time to prepare myself I go on the ice and I go diving wearing normal shoes. Movement is not as natural for me, I cannot move in a natural way. Sliding is difficult and it makes my legs getting tired", said Bencic in an interview to Blick.

Bencic also commented on how it feels to be injury-free: "It's just that I was so happy to be back on the court, and definitely I feel like losing is not the worst thing anymore. The worst thing is not being able to play at all.

I think that definitely helps." The 21-year-old also commented on her relationship with father Ivan: "On the court, I'm very emotional, and he's also emotional. So I just, you know, have to let it out, let go what I have to say.

Obviously, try to take some tips from him. I just -- yeah, I told him that I cannot figure out her game right now and that I wasn't sure, you know, what to do from certain situations. Yeah, he just tried to help me, you know, with stepping into the court and playing my game.

I definitely tried to do it, but today was just not my day or my night (smiling)." On Martina Hingis becoming a mother, Bencic concluded: "She sent, of course, the photo and when it's born to the Fed Cup chat.

We are all in great contact. Also throughout the whole year, not only during the Fed Cup weeks, I feel like our team is really complete. Yeah, she sent it to there, and we haven't seen the baby yet, but it looks really cute on the photos."