We accept Alexander Zverev's decision on not playing Davis Cup - Captain

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We accept Alexander Zverev's decision on not playing Davis Cup - Captain

In an interview to La Tercera, German Davis Cup team captain Mikhail Kohlmann commented on Alexander Zverev statements that he will not play the Davis Cup finals in Madrid in November. Kohlmann said: "He clearly said he will not play and you have to accept his decision.

I will not personally convince him. He clearly brings a lot to the team and we all want to have a superstar like him. You will have many more chances to win with a top-3 (player) in the (team). But the season is long, his opinion can change."

On the chances that Germany has to go through the group stage, Kohlmann added: "It's a very balanced group where three teams have good chances to reach the following round. Both Chile and Argentina have great players.

It will be very interesting to see how it develops." On the Chilean players, he concluded: "I saw Nicolas Jarry more. He is an interesting player who has a dangerous game. I saw in Germany last year and he trained with Maximilian Marterer in Rio.

He is young and big, he is well developed for his age, he is tall and he plays well. Christian Garin is a very good player, very solid. There are always things that stand out from younger players and Garin moves in an amazing way on the court.

He will only improve over time. I think he should be in the top-50 within the end of the year. He is very good and solid. Also, with Nicolas Massu on board, they have an advantage, he has a big experience in important matches."