Marcelo Melo speaks about his close relationship with Alexander Zverev

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Marcelo Melo speaks about his close relationship with Alexander Zverev

In a recent interview, Marcelo Melo commented on his friendship with Alexander Zverev. "Everyone knows the friendship we have on the Tour, we also try to have fun in tournaments. It's also important to have that part, we enjoy in training sessions and matches.

Sometimes that's good. We train in the United States or Monte Carlo. Of course, training with a high level player like him is very good. We end up sharing experiences, we speak a lot about the things we should improve, both on my game and his, but nothing influences too much.

Each of us has his own coaches and their team to improve, but sometimes we joke each other." Meanwhile, the three-time French Open winner Gustavo Kuerten commented on tennis in Brazil: "Tennis is mostly about surviving.

Being on the Tour, far away from home, overcoming challenges and see that's it possible to go where we want to. Players like Bia (Haddad), Bruno (Soares), Marcelo (Melo), Thiago (Monteiro) achieved successes and the more we have, the more we encourage younger players to face the Tour in the best possible ways."

Zverev was asked what was the best decision he ever took in his career: "I don't think there is one. I think there is always multiple. I think you always have to make the right choice to be at the top. You can never make bad decisions.

You can never make -- you know, decisions that sometimes you want to, but you have to be professional and you have to, you know, first of all enjoy it, but at the same time focus on your goal, focus on your dream and let everything else be secondary."