Flavia Pennetta explains how life changed after becoming mother

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Flavia Pennetta explains how life changed after becoming mother

In an interview to SportWeek Magazine, the 2015 US Open champion Flavia Pennetta commented on how her life is after that she retired from tennis and then she got married to Fabio Fognini and they became parents in 2017. "The beauty of running is that there is no need to hit the gym, I decide when to go out, but it takes time and someone needs to take care of my son Federico", said Pennetta.

On her relationship with tennis, she added: "I play really less! I would like to do much more but on the tennis court I became a bit lazy... I may not do the things that I did well back in the day and so I get angry, I would like to be like before.

And then to play you always need to be in two. But in May I play an exhibition with Fabio Fognini against Simona Halep and Marius Copil in Romania and tennis helps a lot since a very young age. In the beginning this game can be a bit boring, you have to learn the keys, you do not manage to play matches, but it depends on how good coaches are to make guys get passionate about it.

I was lucky, I had very good coaches since the start. They made me enjoy myself in the breaks too, even when we picked balls. You have to make it a game. I started loving tennis even before going to lessons. I also played a lot against the wall as well. I even brought the racket to my bed. My family loved tennis and I immediately got passionate for it."