Stefan Edberg: I had my best rivalry with Boris Becker

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Stefan Edberg: I had my best rivalry with Boris Becker

The six-time Major winner Stefan Edberg commented on the best rivalries of his career. The Swede said: "The rivalry with Boris Becker was probably the best one, it was a tough one, I had one with Mats Wilander, my countryman, in a different way I would say, so those were two opponents that I played a lot and obviously I got to play with some of the best.

Connors, McEnroe, I played a lot of matches with Sampras, Agassi, that was sort of the generation after me, so I was very lucky and I do not forget Ivan Lendl of course, and I was very lucky to play in the 80s. It was a great time."

Edberg also spoke about how his life is: "Life is pretty good today, I travel a bit, I have some businesses at home within sort of finance and property so that what keeps me some of the interest apart from that but I have some interest in tennis of course.

I still play it, I love the game of tennis and I play maybe 2-3 times a week when I at home because it'd be short sessions, 45 minutes, but it'd be good sessions but it is probably the best way of getting a workout.

It is great to be on the practice court, obviously a lot more relaxed today but in a different way." Edberg was finally asked who he would choose as his dream doubles partner: "Maybe John McEnroe who has been another number one doubles player in the world, playing against somebody of today, maybe the Bryan brothers."