David Ferrer recalls car accident

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David Ferrer recalls car accident

In an interview to Auto Bild, the former world no. 3 David Ferrer, as a Peugeot Ambassador, commented on his relationship with cars. The Spaniard said: "I like driving, I enjoy myself and on days like these ones even more: being able to drive on the Jarama court is an experience that I never had and I thank Peugeot for giving me it."

Asked about his first memories involving cars, Ferrer said: "With my mother's car: a three-room: Ford Focus. I have very good memories of that time. I liked a lot driving since ever the beginning." Then he revealed something interesting: "I had a little problem in 2009: it was raining a lot and the car slid a lot, I broke the direction...

The feeling of not being able to control it." Is it easier to drive or play tennis? "Both things are very difficult. Everyone knows how to drive and hit tennis balls, as less as you train. Another thing is to do well..."

On the rally and Formula 1 drivers, Ferrer added: "I know Carlos Sainz and he speaks a lot about my son. I follow them, as well as Fernando Alonso. And in the rallies Dani Sordo, who is a good driver. From my point of view, rallies have less influence, being something really difficult because they run on different kinds of courts and it has an extreme difficulty that you do not see from outside."

What are the best and worst countries to drive in? "Asia, it depends on countries, but it's very difficult. When you go to China, India... You have no rules, it's a fight... The best one I would say Germany, although in Europe you have many ones."