Alexander Zverev: I am not a fan of some new rules

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Alexander Zverev: I am not a fan of some new rules

Alexander Zverev does not like the new rules that have been experimented at the NextGen ATP Finals in Milan in the last couple of years. In a press conference, the 21-year-old said: "Tennis is such an old sport with old tradition, this seven or six-game tradition is something that it should not change.

Our sport is so nice that there should not be stuff changed. As soon as you get broken in a four-game set, the set is pretty much over. I do not like it, I am not a fan of it and I think other players do not like it as well, but what can we do against that."

Tennis and sports have been a tradition in the Zverev family: "When I was younger I always saw my dad and my brother play, saw my mom play club matches so I was always either at home or the tennis courts and I really loved the sport.

Obviously, if you see your brother do something, you want to do it yourself, so that's really how I started and I am happy too that I took this path." Zverev concluded: "My dad has played the Davis Cup for a long time back in the 80s and my mum was also a tennis player back then in the national team, but we moved to Germany in '91.

I did not, they did, I was not born yet. I was born and raised in Germany and I really do not feel like I have a lot to do with Russia anymore. My parents are fully from there but I think I am fully German." Zverev is the third seed at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters this week.

He has been drawn in the same half as the second seed, and 11-time champion, Rafael Nadal, in the bottom half of the draw.