David Ferrer: '2013 Miami final loss to Andy Murray was my worst moment'

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David Ferrer: '2013 Miami final loss to Andy Murray was my worst moment'

In an interview to Sport.es David Ferrer picked the worst moment in his career. The 36-year-old said: "The Miami Open final when I lost against Andy Murray wasting a match point and I asked that Hawk-Eye Challenge that was out."

How will he live tennis now? "As a fan. I like seeing tennis and I will not miss being in the Central Court, which makes me understand that I chose the moment to retire in a perfect way. I leave with the love for tennis.

In the end, I am happy and that's what I felt most proud of, being injury-free, not hating or being angry but being loved by people and everyone but especially by me." Does he feel sad for not having won a Grand Slam? "No, because I gave everything I could, I have no regrets.

If I could look back I would change things, but at the time I did not know more. On this aspect, I am very happy and proud of my career. Not winning the Barcelona Open after playing four finals hurt me. Winning a Grand Slam also lacked but I lost to players who are now legend."

Ferrer commented on his future once his career ends looks like. The Spaniard said he will play squash, padel, cycling. He wants to get involved in helping younger players. "I remember my beginnings. I was six or seven years old and behind of my brother Javier, who was older than me and was playing in the Javea tennis club.

At 14 years, Javier was a champion of Spain on the category, do you do know that? I liked that club life. The football match with my friends on my birthdays. I want to live that again. And to take care of my son Leo, who is already ten months old."