We hope to have Federer in 2021 Turin as a player or legend - Organizer

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We hope to have Federer in 2021 Turin as a player or legend - Organizer

In an interview to Gazzetta Dello Sport, the Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino commented on the city being chosen to stage the ATP Finals from 2021 to 2025. "When the official news came, it was really freedom for us after spending days on a roller coaster", said Appendino.

"At some point, we thought everything was lost, that was the toughest time because we had to find the economical guarantees. All the authorities headed in the same direction. This is a challenge that will require a very big commitment.

But we ready. It's only about the Italian Tennis Federation and the Italian Olympic committee that we obviously thank, but the whole city that wants to be and will be in the centre of attention. The economical impact is estimated to be €500 million worth.

But the ATP Finals will help several development stages around the city." "I could never imagine I would live something like this. Such a special thing as an Italian and fan. Just think that I met my eventual husband on a tennis court.

For me, it's an extra meaning." On her favourites, Appendino concluded: "My idol was Stefan Edberg. Then Roger Federer. If the Swiss will not be there as a player, hopefully, we host him with his wife and his four children.

Then there will be Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, amazing champions, hopefully, and who knows, Fabio Fognini." Edberg was Federer's childhood idol too. The Swiss and the Swede co-operated together in 2014 and 2015 reaching three Grand Slam finals.