Kei Nishikori shares why he could win Wimbledon this year

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Kei Nishikori shares why he could win Wimbledon this year

In an advertising video, Kei Nishikori commented on his feelings on grass. The Japanese player will compete in Halle and Wimbledon, like every year, and he aims to go far. In last year's The Championships, Nishikori lost to the eventual champion Kei Nishikori in a four-set quarter-final match.

"On grass, you need big weapons like great serve, volley or big forehand, players with such weapons will play well on grass. I think you can have a good opportunity to develop your weapons on grass", said Nishikori.

"You should change your tennis depending on the surface. For me, the most difficult thing on grass is how to move, like sliding to get a ball. I pay the most attention to how to move on grass, and it's also hard to make good defence on the grass.

The serve is the most important on grass but you also need different kinds of shots like a slice or angle shot. Asians are skilful in general, so the grass court will suit them. I played well at Wimbledon in 2018, so there's a possibility that my first Grand Slam title would be Wimbledon."

In an interview to Punto de Break Nishikori's coach Dante Bottini commented on the expectations surrounding the 29-year-old: "People thinks that being world No. 4 and the first seeded player of an event you have to win it, but we all know tennis does not work like this.

There in Japan people do not know tennis a lot, it's not like here or in South America, sometimes they do not know much of it. Everyone wants him to win, but I believe that he was able to handle it very well." Bottini believes that there will be more chances to success for Nishikori: "Look at David Ferrer, he was the world No.

3 and he also had to go through many losses in the finals to meet those players, it happened many times. The most important thing is that you have to keep trying, training hard, so opportunities will come. If tomorrow your career ends and you cannot do anything anymore, at least you know you gave everything."