Alexander Zverev split with his girlfriend, says his father is in hospital

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Alexander Zverev split with his girlfriend, says his father is in hospital

Last Sunday, Alexander Zverev met the press in Munich ahead of the ATP 250 Tournament. The 22-year-old is not going through an easy time as his coaches Ivan Lendl and father Alexander Sr. cannot follow him in tournaments per now, he split with his girlfriend Olga Sharipova and he is also involved in a legal dispute with his former agent Patricio Apey.

"Munich has always been the tournament where everything started a bit and hopefully this year it will exactly be where I can turn my year around and from there I go to the top", said Zverev, who admitted the extra tennis things are influencing him.

"The whole story with my agent takes a lot away from me. I have to spend some hours on my mobile phone almost all days, it's not a nice story for us so focus got a bit away from me in the last weeks. But now it gets calmer a bit and I can 100 per cent focus on tennis again."

His father Alexander Sr. is dealing with an illness. "For the first time in my life from a few weeks, he could not help me. Hopefully, he comes back soon, that's the most important thing for me. There are a lot of things happening outside the court, I am a person who takes these things at heart."

"In sports sometimes it's like this; Sometimes you go through the best time in your life, like at the last year's ATP Finals in London, sometimes that does not work. But when you leave those stages, you think you will be doing better and hopefully, that will be better for me. I have to win one or two close matches, then things will be better. It's important to find my game again."