Daniil Medvedev says he wants his wife's name to stay unknown

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Daniil Medvedev says he wants his wife's name to stay unknown

Daniil Medvedev got married to a woman last year in September, but the Russian player does not want to reveal her name. On his relationship with his wife, Medvedev said: "It's very important that tennis combines us.

I think it's much more difficult to live with someone who knows less about tennis. The first tournament where she was with me was Wimbledon, where I beat Stan Wawrinka. Igor Kunitsyn approaches me and says: 'What's the deal with that girl?' I explained to him that she used to play tennis and he says: 'Well, then she is super!' She understands that we cannot go to the market centre the day before a match and that's why building a relationship is easier.

We had a calm and silent wedding just with our closest ones." "All my friends know her. She played tennis as a girl in the junior events. If I get asked to tell you her name or a specific Instagram account, I will not tell that.

Between me and her, it was not first sight love, we got close to each other and now we got married. In the beginning, I knew she liked a dress and I bought it for her in London!" Medvedev reached the Barcelona Open final last week losing to Dominic Thiem.

In the Spanish event, Manuel Orantes was one of the special guests as a former player. In an interview, he explained why he started again 1969 final against Manolo Santana: "We were tied on 4-3 or 4-all when it got suspended because of rain and we came back four months after.

There was no big difference and so we thought of starting from zero. For me that was great. Santana was my favourite, idol, and I won at home. I started playing tennis a bit for him. When he won the French Open, I was just ten years old and it was learned that Santana would have been a ball boy.

Tennis opened up for me. I did not even know what tennis was back in the day. One of the jobs was to take balls with a coach. I could not get lessons because my parents did not have as much money to pay me lessons. I was earning €0.04 an hour. And becoming a tennis player was an opportunity."