Matteo Berrettini: 'Seeing that big cheque from French Open impressed me'

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Matteo Berrettini: 'Seeing that big cheque from French Open impressed me'

In an interview with Il Tennis Italiano, Matteo Berrettini commented on his expenses as a tennis player. The Italian is climbing the tennis elite at a very high speed, as he recently won in Budapest earning €90,000. "It's obvious that with tennis you can make good earnings if you reach certain levels", admitted Berrettini.

"I got the biggest cheque in the French Open, I got more than €100,000 tax-free. Seeing that amount on my bank account impressed me. Some people need several years to get this number. I had managed to do it over a few weeks.

But on the court, you do not think about money. Outside, it's normal: when you are in a Grand Slam, you perfectly know that winning some matches guarantees you a lot of money. As a junior player, you do not earn anything.

My parents never said 'No' to me but I did not ask them to give me money to play three tournaments in Australia. Then the federation helped me a bit. Little by little I started paying expenses, introducing a mental coach and a fitness trainer, who will travel with me for a few more weeks this year, which is important for me.

Something has changed, I am almost two meters tall and if I have to go to Australia and spend €1,500 more to travel in a more comfortable way, I do it. I earned it through results and hard work. Last year I made myself a nice gift in the Maldives. I earned that after a pretty intense season. But it's not that you play thinking to travel in business class."