Daria Gavrilova: I would love to coach someday

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Daria Gavrilova: I would love to coach someday

Sharing some time and positive thoughts with recipients of the President’s Women in Tennis scholarship, Daria Gavrilova spoke about the positives of working with a female coach. “My first coach was a female and I’m kind of used to this environment being around women,” said Gavrilova.

“When I came to Australia, I started (working) with Nicole and I loved it. I’m pretty feisty, so I get pretty stubborn on court, but she managed to, I guess, boss me around a little bit and put me in place”.

She has always been thankful for the influence these two had on her game. “Obviously working with female coaches worked for me,” she assessed. “I don’t think anyone chooses their coach by gender”, Gavrilova is also aware that certain intuitive elements are particular to female coaches.

There’s probably (a) different emotional aspect to it,” she noted. “Even having a one-on-one conversation about feelings, it’s very different talking to a female rather than a male”. She then said that she appreciates coaches who are self sufficient.

Apart from being a tennis coach, there’s a lot of organising that has to be involved. Like not relying on you to book flights, do this and do that, because we also have a lot on our plates”. Speaking about whether she wants to get into coaching, she added, “I would love to coach one day and I think I’ll be really good with maybe (the) 14s (age group). Whenever I’m in the gym and I see other girls working out, I try and help them”.