Zverev: 'I don't see 20-year-olds winning Majors in the next few years'

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 Zverev: 'I don't see 20-year-olds winning Majors in the next few years'

Alexander Zverev is not having his best seasons so far but he feels he is making little steps forward. On Friday last week, the German lost to Christian Garin in a three-set quarter-final match. The German now heads into the Madrid Open where he won his third Masters 1000 title last year: "I thought I played okay in Munich.

I thought the match where I lost, I had two match points and it could have gone both ways. But I think he's winning the final now easily, something like that, and he's playing very good and, in Barcelona, I didn't play my best.

I played a bad match. And in Munich, I got to say that of course I didn't play my best tennis, and I still could have won, but it was not a bad match in any way. So I'm happy with how things are improving. I'm happy I'm starting to play better and starting to feel more confident and I think every week that I play is going to get better and better."

Asked if a 20-year-old can win a Grand Slam now, Zverev replied: "Tough. Very, very tough. I don't see anybody doing it in the next few years. But yet tennis has changed, it is much more physical. It is much faster. It's very different.

So, now you really have to have a strong body to kind of compete at the highest level and to win at the Grand Slam level. And it is tough to do when you are 17, 18-years-old. You are still developing. Even me, I'm 22-years-old, I'm still developing, so, yeah, I don't see anybody doing that in the near future.